Summer Sun Care

Now that it’s summer, most people don’t need to worry about schoolwork, homework, tests, or papers. But you’re not off of the hook from everything! Sure, summer is mostly about relaxation and having a good time, but there are some important things that are crucial to pay attention to. One of these crucial things is the sun and protecting yourself from it’s harmful rays. It’s important that you take care of yourself in every way you can, and that’s where we come in! Think of us like your friend helping you do all the research on your paper. All you need to do is put all the facts together and follow them yourself!

One of the most obvious things to do when going out in the hot summer sun is to make sure that you have sunscreen or sunblock on. Yet, most people seem to neglect this vital step when going outside. Sunscreen’s job is to absorb and reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays away from your body. This ultimately helps prevent you from getting sunburn and can also protect against skin cancer. In the end applying sunblock a few times a day (depending on your SPF number and how long you are outside) can end up saving you a lot of pain and in some cases can even help save your life. The little time it takes to apply it is actually worth it.

Many people don’t realize that when they are out in the sun that they also need to be protecting their eyes. Even if you don’t look directly into the sun, the sun can be having a harmful effect on your eyes. When at the beach it can be reflected off of the sand and even in the winter the sun can be reflected off of the snow. It’s important when going outside to protect your eyes and your vision by wearing sunglasses. Make sure that your sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays. But remember that just because you’re wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean you can suddenly look into the sun. You should never look directly into the sun, no matter how strong (or not strong) the sun seems to be.

When going outside and not wanting to be effected by the sun at all, make sure you cover up. It may be hot, but make sure you bring a light jacket or sweatshirt with you to make sure that your shoulders are covered. Also, bring a hat with you to protect your face from the sun. Covering your body is a smart thing to do, especially if you already have a sunburn or are prone to sunburns to begin with. If the sun can’t reach your skin it can’t harm you as badly.

Now, we know many of you like to be tan and lay out in the sun every chance you can get without protection, but remember there are dangers. Sure, a little vitamin D now and then is great for you, but remember that with that your body is absorbing harmful UV radiation that can have lasting negative effects. Be smart when you going outside in the sun this summer!


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