Sunglasses For Your Face

You’re browsing around the store and something catches your eye. It’s the perfect pair of summer sunglasses that you’ve been searching for. You head over to the mirror and try them on. They look good, just not on you; they don’t work with your face shape. We’ve been there and we’re here to help.

Shopping around for sunglasses can be tough. There are so many cute, different styles. Although they don’t always fit with the shape of your face, finding the ones that have that perfect touch isn’t far away. The key is to determine the shape of your face.

For square faces:
Try oval-shaped lenses. Backing away from square sunglasses will help soften your features. Adding color or patterns to the sunglasses is ultra glam!

For heart-shaped faces:
Trying delicate sunglasses with thin-or-no-frames at all, like aviators, won’t draw unwanted attention to the forehead.

For a round face:
Try square sunglasses. They make cheeks slim and add angles to your face, creating a contrast between the jawline and an added definition to the face. Avoid rounded styles, as they help accentuate full cheeks.

For a long face:
Retro wayfarers even it out! Try ones with a pattern or an embellishment running along the top.

For an oval face:
You lucky girl! Just about any style of sunglasses works on this shape, especially aviators and wraparounds. Wayfarers, for example, counter the geometric shape and soften the curves of the face.

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    • Ana Sofia
    • July 13, 2012

    I have a round face and I have trouble finding sunglasses that fit me right! I just bought some square sunglasses, they fit great….

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