Supreme Themes: Which Home Decor Style Suits You Best?

by Sarah Ruhlman

If your home hasn’t been decorated in a while, chances are it needs some TLC. The paintwork might be scuffed, the paper might be peeling and the flooring has probably seen better days. As new things can sometimes be replaced or added at a later date, what you can find is you end up with a mismatch of furniture too that doesn’t actually look that nice together. If you’re tired of looking at the same dull four walls then why not make a change? If you’ve ever scrolled longingly through the decor pages of Pinterest and Instagram and wondered how people get their homes looking so good, more often than not it’s because they have a clear ‘theme.’ It means everything in the room coordinates and works nicely together, nothing clashes or looks odd and everything is nicely balanced. Before you start shopping and throwing random items in your basket just because you like the look of them, spend some time first working out the theme. That way you know what kinds of styles, colours and everything else to shop for. Here are some ideas to consider.

Shabby Chic

If you’re into very pretty, dainty and girly decors then shabby chic will be right up your street. Perfect for rustic, romantic looking bedrooms but the style can be used all over the house. You could go all in with this, put ditsy floral wallpaper on the walls, floral bedding and cushions, lots of ruffles and lace. Or you could keep everywhere quite neutral and go with white or a very light pastel paint on the walls. From there you could accessorize with a few key pieces, some soft furnishings perhaps and wicker storage baskets. For furniture, you could up-cycle your own pieces by whitewashing old wooden furniture items, or you could buy white furniture that’s already in this style. Keep it light and floaty, avoid dark colors and heavy fabrics and patterns with this look.

Modern and Minimal

If you’re not a fan of cluttered surroundings and love those clean lines, a modern and minimal theme will be for you. This is especially practical if you live in a small place as there’s not a lot of ‘stuff’ around. However if your house is a typical busy family home then it could be worth reconsidering. It works best without items and things on the sides not to mention when it’s very clean. If you live alone and don’t have kids (or pets that are too messy) then this is more likely to suit you. Choose furniture from a site like who specialize in modern, clean looking furniture. This will fit your theme perfectly. White walls and wooden floors are good options here, but if you find the minimal look is a bit too stark, you could add a couple of statement pieces. How about a statement light fitting, or a gallery wall to bring in some interest? You could add a pop of color with a rug, some curtains or a couple of cushions. Plants are a good option too, they add color without looking fussy. Just choose one or two features to add interest without taking away from the minimal look.

Girly and Glamorous

If you want to feel like a Hollywood star every time you return home then go glam. Mirrored furniture, plush rugs and stunning chandeliers all work well for this look. It looks expensive but it doesn’t have to be, shop around and get the best deals. Use and end of line discount furniture store to snag your essential items, and fluffy rugs and chandeliers can be found at all price points. Make your own sumptuous curtains by buying fabric and dusting off your sewing machine. It will work out a lot cheaper! If you have a little more to spend, marble tiles, underfloor heating, roll top baths and a sleigh bed are all perfect choices. Rich colors like reds, purples and navy give that luxurious finish, you could always go with a statement wall and keep the others light and neutral if you’re worried about it looking too dark or enclosed.


If the above themes are a little too girly for your tastes, how about going with a cool modern vibe? An industrial theme with exposed brickwork, metal accents and statement lighting can all look incredible. It’s another look that needs to be kept quite minimal but if that’s your kind of style you’ll love this. No pretty colors or girly throw pillows needed. Go with white, black and grey and look out for interesting artwork to hang on the walls.

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Kevin February 9, 2018 - 10:23 am

Love the home pictured at the top!

Caroline February 9, 2018 - 10:53 am

We have underfloor heating in the bathroom and it’s awesome!


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