Tacos and Tequila Baby Shower

My wonderful friends (Abby & Adam) are having a baby and that only means one thing, we had to celebrate.  With the help of two lovely ladies (Annie & Lindsey) we planned a “Tacos and Tequila” baby shower.


Ready to plan your own “Tacos and Tequila” baby shower? Make sure you have the basics, food and margaritas. Margs are the perfect option because the momma-to-be can still enjoy a few without the alcohol.

Taco bars are easy to set up and self serve options are the perfect choice when hosting a party.





Next, you need games.  We played 3 different ones.

1. Measure the Belly Game

Supplies: Ball of string and a pair of scissors.

Prepare: This one is simple and does not require any preparation.  You can have the mom-to-be measure her belly before if you choose.

Play: Pass it around and have the guest predict the size of the pregnant belly.  The one who gets closest wins.

2. Name the Poop Game


Supplies: 6 diapers, 6 different types of candy bars, paper, pencils.  Feel free to use the cute printable below that Lindsey created. (Guess the Poop Printable)GuessThePoop

Prepare: Write down all the names of the different candy bars and number them. Then microwave the candy bars in separate bowls for 30-45 seconds each or until the chocolate is soft. Next, put the soft chocolate bars into a diaper and smoosh it a little so it looks like baby poop. Write the coordinating candy bar number on the outside of the diaper so you can keep track of what diaper had what candy bar in it.

Play: Give each guest a pencil and a small piece of paper to make their predictions. Guests can smell, touch, or taste the “poop” to guess what kind of candy bar is in each diaper.  The one who gets the most correct wins.

3. The Price is Right Baby Style Game


Supplies: Baby items like diapers, wipes, soaps, etc., pencil and printable or paper to write down the guesses.

Prepare: Go shopping and purchase those baby items. You will want to display them so it’s easy for guest to see and write down their predictions.

Play: Have your guest write down what they think each item costs . At the bottom have them fill in the total of all the costs combined. Once they are finished you can go through to check answers and tell them  the actual price of each individual item. Give them your grand total and the guest who got the closest without going over WINS!

At our party the mom and dad-to-be actually won, regardless these baby items were going home with them.

Finally, end your party by letting the soon to be parents open gifts.


Congrats Adam & Abby!

Photos courtesy of Matt Watson.

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