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7 Tips For Surviving The Holidays Single

With all the stress that comes with the holidays like from shopping, cooking and decorating, one thing may be in the back of our minds when we are out and about. That might be how we don’t have that special someone to kiss under the mistletoe or have that special kiss at midnight on New […]


10 Signs You’ve Found Your Bestie for the Restie

Once you’ve found your best friend for life, there is no breaking that special bond.  Here are 10 signs you’ve found the friend of a lifetime. 1. You have a code word  What does this code word mean, you ask? Literally everything. It means you have food in your teeth, don’t turn around the love of […]


How To Be The Best Maid of Honor

Your best friend calls you to say she has some big news – she’s getting married!  After the initial joy for her wears off, she then asks you the big question. “Will you be my maid of honor?” You realize that you have a massive responsibility for making sure your friend has the day of […]


5 TV Shows You Should Be Binge Watching This Summer

Summer is meant for a lot of things: tanning, swimming, family time, travel time – but most of all: relaxing. And often times, there’s no better way to relax than plopping yourself down, grabbing a remote, and binge watching to your heart’s content. If this is how your summer plans look like, here are some […]


8 Signs Your Mom is Your Ultimate BFF

mom ultimate BFF

Your mom is truly an amazing person. She has helped guide and shape you into the remarkable person that you are today. She is also your biggest cheerleader, can sense your sadness, and continues to be there for you when you need her support the most. Here are 8 signs that your mom is your ultimate […]


How To Find The Perfect Roommate

My first year of college was a mixture of highs and lows. I went from being an only child to living with three other girls in one room! Talk about culture shock. We each had different personalities that clashed with each other at times but by the end of the year I learned a lot […]