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Rocking the Right Lipstick Shade

Most girls are all too familiar with the rush of excitement that comes with opening the seal of a newly purchased lipstick. As you roll up the lipstick, you imagine looking just as fierce as Beyonce, or as classy as Emma Stone. Your inner fashionista is jumping with impatience; you’re going to look like a million bucks! […]


3 Spring Makeup Trends

The winter weather seems to be dwindling down, meaning it is time to bring back the spring colors. Every year, there are new trends regarding spring makeup, but generally the main consistency is that most trends involve a pop of color. Winter weather is sometimes depressing resulting in a lot of heavy, dark makeup and […]


6 Tips to Achieve Pouty Lips

Okay, ladies. You can stop making kissy faces to see which face makes your lips look most pouty. Here are a few botox-free tips on getting those Angelina Jolie lips you’ve been dying for. 1. It’s all in the moisture Before you put that lipstick to your lips, make sure your putting a glass of […]