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5 Lip-Loving Products for Your Perfect Pout

When it comes to makeup products, I tend to be a girl who favors having a small collection of specific items and certain shades in my makeup bag rather than a wide array. For example, I strictly use neutral eye shadows (specifically creams, pinks, and browns), and I am completely lost without my L’Oreal liquid […]


The 7 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

A good makeup bag is probably among the most important things a woman can own. With the increasing amount of advertising and articles about makeup, I realized that there’s a lack of must-have beauty products specifically for women of color. So, here is my small but efficient list of must-have products all women should own, although […]


9 Makeup Tips for Fair-Skinned Beauties

This one is for the pale girls. You know who I’m talking about. The girls who burn after ten minutes in the sun. The girls who are constantly asked if they are sick in the wintertime, even if they feel fit as a fiddle. The girls who would NEVER get a spray-tan because they know […]


The Best Lipstick Shades for Different Skin Colors

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Finding the right lipstick for your skin tone can be hard, but when you finally find those perfect matches it is such a great feeling. At the Emmys on Sunday, it wasn’t just the dresses (and some pants) that looked amazing, it was the makeup too. This might have led to you wondering which of […]


Fall’s Hottest Lipsticks and Glosses {3 Hot Styles}

It’s not breaking news that the best way to spice up any outfit is with the perfect shade of lipstick. And every season deserves a new set of colors! Follow this guide to make sure your lips are looking extra luscious this fall season. The new vampire craze is now affecting our makeup styles.  This […]


Rocking the Right Lipstick Shade

Most girls are all too familiar with the rush of excitement that comes with opening the seal of a newly purchased lipstick. As you roll up the lipstick, you imagine looking just as fierce as Beyonce, or as classy as Emma Stone. Your inner fashionista is jumping with impatience; you’re going to look like a million bucks! […]