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The Purge TV Show: Will You Enjoy It?

*No Spoilers Ahead*

Want to relive the experience of watching the Purge? Can’t wait until Forever Purge comes out? Maybe The Purge TV Show is worth checking out


Actress Sam Valentine Shares on Acting in #1 Film in America “Followed”

The Sarah Scoop Show hosted actress Sam Valentine who stars in the new film Followed which has been the #1 film in America for the past three weeks. Sam gave us the scoop on her role, filming in hotels, and her love of scary movies. She even told us all about her awesome podcast One […]

The Ring: Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix

Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix

Love a good scary movie? Luckily, Netflix has your back. Get the scoop on the 10 scariest movies guaranteed to keep you up at night.

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