How to Take Charge of Your Love Life Once and For All

Everyone wants to say that they’re in charge of their life, and especially their love life. Who wants to admit that they don’t know what they’re doing or, worse, that they answer to someone else? But saying you’re in control and actually having everything under control are two different things. If you want to make your decisions and get what you want but you don’t feel like you’re succeeding, something needs to change. For many people, their love life is a significant part of their happiness. If you need to get a handle on yours, try some of these methods to put yourself back in charge and get what you want.

Decide What You Want

When you want to put yourself in charge of your love life, you need to decide where you’re going. Without any direction, you won’t go anywhere. You need goals and aims if you want something to move toward. But when it comes to love, you have to be careful that you’re making a list of realistic desires, not impossible fantasies that no one will ever be able to fulfill. Of course, you should have standards, but don’t make them so specific that only one person in the whole world is going to meet them. You should have a confident idea of what sort of person you’re looking for, what you want out of a relationship and even what you won’t put up with. But don’t become your own worst enemy by creating unattainable standards.


Go After It

Nothing ever happens by sitting around and waiting for it to come along. If you’ve decided what you want, it’s time for you to go after it. Whether that’s a casual relationship, someone who’s marriage material or to be free and single, its up to you to go searching for your desires. Even if you’ve decided that a relationship isn’t working, it’s time to be brave and do the right thing and move on instead of waiting for everything to peter out or explode.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Do you feel like your relationships have been following the same pattern, always ending in disaster? It’s essential that you learn from your mistakes, instead of making the same ones over and again. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change your behavior or personality, but it could be that you keep choosing the same type of partner. However, there could be things you can change within yourself, like a tendency to get too clingy too fast or to get cold feet. You can even fix mistakes you’ve made in the past. Many people use a recommended program by to win back an ex-partner after they’ve realized their mistakes. Although getting back in contact with an ex is something you should approach very carefully. It’s equally important that you shouldn’t let them be “the one that got away”.

Remember that being in control of your love life doesn’t mean never listening to anyone else. They don’t get to tell you what to do, but your friends and family might still have valuable advice and a listening ear.

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