Tips for Taking off Fake Nails at Home

One of the best feelings a girl can have is getting a manicure.

Taking a seat in the plush chair, getting a massage for your hard-working hands and picking a color to compliment next weeks outfits: A perfect combination for a manicure. But once the chipping starts, it’s a whole different story.

Taking acrylic or gel nails off can be a pain when you don’t want to pay the nail salon to take them off. But, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. There is a safe alternative to take off these nails without spending the cash and sparing your pain. Here is the scoop on taking off fake nails at home.

The magic of using 100% acetone

The easiest do-it-yourself way to take off your acrylics is to buy acetone and soak your nails. Acetone is available at local drugstores and is priced around $3.50.

  •  Once the acetone is bought, grab a bowl and pour the whole bottle in.
  •  Grab some magazines and turn on the tube because your acrylics need to soak for 20 to 35 minutes in order to become soft enough to remove.
  • After they’ve been soaking, acrylics should be soft enough to peel off.  Grab a nail file to push away any excess residue and clean nail beds.
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