Tanning Bed Dangers

Although your local salon may claim that their tanning beds are safe, they aren’t. No tanning beds are actually safe; tanning itself isn’t even safe! Tans are actually just like sunburns on our skin, despite the color difference. They both indicate that our skin has been damaged to some extent. So if tanning in general isn’t safe, tanning bed dangers are a serious thing.

When you are in a tanning bed you are getting hit directly withUV radiation. The same happens when you’re outside tanning, but at least when you’re outside some of the UV radiation is absorbed before it hits you. At a tanning bed the only thing absorbing the UV radiation is your body. Plus tanning beds typically give off three time the amount of UVA rays than the sun actually does.

While you may feel great and look tan after visiting a tanning bed, you’re actually causing a lot of harm to your body. When you tan you become much more prone to developing skin cancer. Many people, especially teens, have the “it won’t happen to me” attitude about skin cancer, but truthfully it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re fair toned or have a dark complexion, you can still get skin cancer.

Not only is your immune system at risk when you tan, but it can also alter the way you look. Constant tanning, especially in tanning beds, has been proven to cause premature aging. Tanning can make your body look older and more wrinkly, no matter what your age.

Tanning beds cause many health risks and there is nothing safe about them. If a salon near you says that their beds are safe, remember that they’re just saying that to get you to come in.

Remember when you do go outside in the sun to protect your self with SPF sunblock. You should never be exposed to UV rays without some form of protection. It’s crucial to your health.

Just like there is nothing wrong with being pale, there is nothing healthy nor safe about tanning.

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