Teen Wolf Rocks New York Comic Con

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MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf” rocked New York Comic Con this past weekend when Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis hit the scene. Tyler and Jeff had quite the busy day, consisting of hour-long panels, press room sessions, and autograph signings. An unbelievable amount of fans followed the actor and show creator for hours hoping to talk to two of the most important people involved with their favorite show.

The day started with the “Teen Wolf” panel, where Tyler and Jeff gave the fans some scoop about what might happen in the show’s third season. We learned the sad news that Colton Haynes would not be returning to the show as Jackson, but Jeff made it clear that the door would always be open for him to return. The creator and writer of the show said that he would write Jackson’s departure in such a way that he could come back if Colton decided to.

But, fans were more concerned with the relationships and character development, which brought a hefty amount of questions for Jeff Davis. Fans got to hear about how Stiles and Lydia would become closer in the new season, and Jeff even hinted at more possible scenes between Lydia and Derek. Tyler Posey talked about his feelings towards a Scott and Isaac bromance, but many fans were nervous that Stiles would be upset about losing his best friend to another dude! We’re sure that this bromantic triangle will make for a great plot next season.

After the panel, the guys had the opportunity to meet some fans at an autograph signing. Both Tyler and Jeff had huge smiles on their faces as they were presented with awesome drawings and gifts all made by fans! There were even a bunch of fans dressed up as characters from the show, which was really cool to see. Fans lucky enough to meet Tyler and Jeff scored pictures, autographs, and videos that would turn into memories to last a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to meet two of the greatest guys ever?

NYCC was such an amazing experience, and we’re so glad that Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis were a part of it. We’re so excited to see what Jeff cooks up for the fans in season three, and we can’t wait to see how Tyler portrays Scott McCall’s character as a pack of new alphas rolls into Beacon Hills.

Did you go to NYCC or know someone who did? Are you excited for another season of “Teen Wolf”? Let us know!


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  1. Reply

    I love teen wolf ! It’s my favorite show , it is upsetting about Colton but he has to do what’s best for him hopefully he will come back to the show ! I love all cast members . I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the 3rd season. I would love to me to meet the cast members ! Teen wolf is an amazing show ! I love everyone’s roll on the show they play it well

    • Dezerai
    • October 17, 2012

    I didn’t get to in to NYCC this year, but my friend did. I haven’t had a chance to talk to her about her experience yet but im sure she had a great time. Hoping to go next year.

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