Temperatures Rising – Casually Dress Up For Work This Summer

The warm weather is here with the sweltering heat not far behind. This doesn’t mean it’s time to slack on your outfits to work; if anything, it’s time to step it up! Summer brings about color, creativity and breaths of fresh air into the workplace. It’s one that lets your imagination be explored and put into play more than any other time of the year. With these easy tips on how to dress for the upcoming season, the transition into a colorful world should be the chicest yet.

  • If you’re not ready to let go of cute cardigans from previous seasons, try ones with thinner material. They’re perfect for colder mornings on your commute or staying late at the office.
  • If work gives the okay to wear a summer dress, take that opportunity! But don’t take advantage. Spaghetti straps are a no-no, unless you find that cardigan making its way around your shoulders.  For an alternative to wear summer dresses at work, try a capped sleeve dress or a sleeveless with a collar.
  • A different season doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money on new clothes. Recycle the clothes in your closet by pairing them with items not thought about or add bright accessories to make them summer friendly.

Adding bright colors to basics and neutrals can open up your eyes to new possibilities for a summer wardrobe. As summer progresses, you can take on that chicness for the rest of the year!


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