Thanksgiving Dinner {Outfits for Every Occasion}

So you have successfully braved various airports, freeways, or maybe even oceans just to get home and be with the family.  It’s the day every college student waits for: Thanksgiving.  A warm meal, cozy couches, and hot apple pie awaits to see you.  However, there is one small problem…what do you wear?  Well we at Sarah Scoop have given you some choices for how to look fabulous on Turkey Day, and also leave enough room to comfortably sit stuffed.

 If your family gets a little dressy for Thanksgiving dinner, pick up a light sweater dress with an A-line fit, so you can be okay with the idea of eating a little too much.  Make sure to slip on some fun fall boots with a little bit of color, like the maroon ones above.  Finally, grab your go-to black handbag, and pack it with lots of napkins!

If you are feeling a little drained from traveling, and ready to slip on something casual and comfortable, look no further.  Button up some skinny jeans (with lots of stretch just in case) and throw on a cute and comfy sweater, like the ones above.  Put on your favorite riding boots ad accessorize with gold accent jewelry.  Now you can rock walking into your family’s house in something cozy yet chic!

Finally, if you are really excited for fall, base your outfit on warm creams and light browns with splashes of black and gold.  Tie on a cute tunic dress over some black tights, and slip on some creamy flats.  If it’s a bit nippy outside, throw on a tan or brown blazer, and maybe even add a cute scarf.  Finally, take a deep breath and prepare for a fabulous feast.

Polyvores by Candace Lowry



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