Thanksgiving Traditions

With all the good food, football, and friends, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the true meaning of Thanksgiving: to be thankful! Here are some fun traditions to keep the spirit of giving thanks alive.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Rolls

1. Have each guest write down one thing they’re thankful for on a small piece of paper when they arrive.

2. Roll the small slips of paper into your Thanksgiving dinner rolls. This works great with pre-made crescent rolls that you roll up yourself. To avoid the paper sticking to the roll, wrap them looser. In addition, I suggest spraying the area with just a bit of oil spray or wrapping the notes in parchment paper. Maybe have younger kids help make the rolls–they love helping out in the kitchen and this would be a fun tradition for them!

3. Bake as usual. Then at dinner, every person will find a slip of paper in their roll and can read them aloud. It would even be fun to try to guess who wrote what!

Thanksgiving Leaves

1. Place a paper leaf on each plate at the dinner table and ask everyone to write a few things he or she is grateful for on the leaf.

2. Have everyone hang the leaf on a small tree used as a centerpiece, or pile them in a small bowl or basket.

3. Before everyone begins to eat, share what is written on the leaves.

4. After Thanksgiving is over and the leftovers have all been eaten, take the leaves and paste them into a Thanksgiving Book. Bring it out every year (or any time you’re feeling ungrateful!) and look back on all your family and friends have been thankful for!

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