The 12 Most Delicious & Affordable Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City

by Veronika Yatskevich
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1. Cancun Fiesta Fresh

Cancun Fiesta Fresh has the best tacos and quesadillas. You can choose to order hard shell or street tacos for $1.75 each. They even have delicious tamales that you can order in bulk. All kids meals are 4.99 each! My favorite meal at Cancun Fiesta Fresh is the #7 Three Enchiladas that comes with refried beans, Mexican beans, and rice.

You’ll also love the lively decor that makes you feel like you’re eating in a tropical oasis with palm trees. This restaurant is quaint and small–you’re guaranteed great customer service.

(816) 756-2120 | website

2. Empanada Madness

These empanadas are very well priced and they have many different varieties. One of my favorite foods at Empanada Madness are Arepa’s. They’re fried corn meal pouches with different types of delicious fillings in them. I recommend trying the La Pata-Pata which is black beans, gouda cheese, and avocado.

Now what the store is known for, their delicious empanadas! There are many different fillings to choose from including potato, queso, egg, shredded chicken, and many more.

(816) 503-6931 | website

3.Tiki Tacos

Taki Tacos is a cute little restaurant located in Westport that serves fast, fresh food! They have several mouth watering tacos to choose from that will leave you wanting more. Some of my favorites are the Tempura Shrimp Taco, Jackfruitdilla, and the Tommy Fish Taco,

Tiki Tacos also has amazing burritos such as the Chimi Chimi Bang Bang which is a cheesy deep fried burrito and the Godrito Bandito. Also, if you’re in for a great breakfast food, check out their Gordo Breakfast Gordita quesadilla.

(816) 489-3686 | website

4. Ponak’s

Ponak’s is a pretty popping off place and that’s because Ponak’s has been a trusting restaurant for diners for over four decades! There is so much variety from Fresh Fish Tacos, Shrimp Enchiladas, to Chicken Chimichangas!

My personal favorite is the Number Fifteen Taco Salad which contains a generous amount of meat for the price which is only $10.50. If you’re looking for a smaller meal, opt for the Burrito Papas for $4.75 or the Tostada for $3.00.

(816) 753-0775 | website

5. Tacos El Gallo

If you’re looking for a delicious hidden gem, Tacos El Gallo is the place to go. This restaurant is as authentic as it gets. The food is fresh, visually aesthetic, and extremely delicious. Even better, there grocery store items within the restaurant!

The tacos are incredibly fresh and they are $1.50 a piece–you can’t beat that. You can even add a variety of salsas with a great salsa bar. What’s even better is that this store is open until 2 a.m. No longer will you be craving tacos and have nowhere to go.

(816) 842-0160 | website

6. Taco Republic

Taco Republic is a busy hang out. Seriously, I always see the restaurant packed! That’s because they have amazing drink and food deals. Head over on Two Dollar Tuesdays for $2 S&P tacos and $2 Miller High Life or Tecate cans.

My personal favorite at Taco Republic are the Old School tacos that are $3.25 a piece. They also have delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup for $6.00, you can’t beat that!

(913) 262-8226 | website

7. Ninfa’s

This is yet another hidden gem that has absolutely amazing Mexican food at a price you can’t beat! Their combination plates range from $6.50 to $7.00 which include the standard main entree, rice, and beans.

In fact, Ninfa’s is such a good deal that their highest priced items comes in at $7.00! Their foods range from breakfast items to hearty traditional meals. Head down there to try out there yummy Spicy Break breakfast taco for only $3.00. It will soon become your go-to place.

(913) 621-1743 | website

8. La Fonda El Taquito

La Fonda isn’t only a place for amazing food, it’s also a place of entertainment featuring live music every week. Their guacamole appetizer comes in at one of the best prices I have ever seen at $5.50.

If you’re a fan of drinking, you’ll love their drink specials on Tuesday through Thursday including $3.00 Well Drinks and $11.00 Bud Light Pitchers.

(816) 471-1675 | website

9. El Fogon

El Fogon sells each of their tacos for $1.99 each, including marinated beef, steak, pork, chicken, steak, and Mexican sausage. Their greatly sized burritos are only $6.50. Their sides are sold separate at $2.19 per side.

Yet, my favorite thing to buy at El Fogon is actually their delicious Horchata which is a drink consisting of milk and ground rice. If you haven’t had this drink, I highly recommend giving it a try at El Fogon.

(816) 982-9945 | website

10. Bonito Michoacan

This storefront market is as authentic as it gets. Not only do they have a variety of delicious Mexican foods, they also carry cakes as well. All of their tacos are less than $2.00. Each day they have a delicious special. I’d recommend going on Wednesday for their Flauntas with corn and salad for $5.99. Yum!

What’s better is that you can also purchase any Hispanic groceries that you’ve been needing to buy, including a butcher’s shop and bakery area.

(913) 371-0326 | website

11. El Camino Real

This restaurant provides great service. The chips and salsa are free which is an added bonus. The Pastor tacos are only $1.00 on Fridays and Saturdays which is a tough bargain to beat.

The food is incredibly fresh. Even the tortillas are home-made. It’s is some of the freshest and most delicious I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Be sure to try the Beef Head Gordita for $2.95–it’s one of my favorites!

(913) 342-4334 | website

12. In-a-Tub

Don’t let the funny name fool you, this is indeed a Mexican restaurant. This fast food joint is known for their deep fried tacos. These tacos aren’t authentic, they definitely have an American twist on them. The tacos come with powdered cheese on top of them and somehow it works–they taste amazing.

It’s obvious that I’m pitching you to try these deep fried tacos. You have to try them. They’re to die for. Don’t believe me? Look at their raving reviews.

(816) 452-2149 | website

Don’t forget to let us know if you tried any of these restaurants out. Also, if so which one was your favorite?

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