The 7 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own


A good makeup bag is probably among the most important things a woman can own. With the increasing amount of advertising and articles about makeup, I realized that there’s a lack of must-have beauty products specifically for women of color.

So, here is my small but efficient list of must-have products all women should own, although the products below are catered to women of color.  Check out these 7 beauty products every woman should own!

A good foundation

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A good foundation is probably the most important things a woman can have in her bag. As a black woman, the reason why I like the creamy foundation from cover FX more than other options is because it absorbs oils and keeps my skin looking fresh throughout the day. For only $42, the cover FX foundation is probably one of the best foundations on the market and easy to carry around!

Translucent powder

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After putting your foundation, a powder is a must in order to set it! The HD Microfinish Powder from Make Up For Ever for $34 will get you through the day with a natural and perfect look!


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I’ve searched forever for the perfect eye concealer, and I think NARS pretty much nailed it.

Easy to blend, with less wastage because it’s not a squeeze tube and you won’t accidentally squeeze more than you need, the Radiant Creamy Concealer for $29 lasts all day with minimal retouch. A good deal for a great concealer ☺


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I am not a big fan of really visible blush, but when I found the Dolce Vita blush from NARS, I immediately fell in love. Not only does it last forever, it only requires you to put a light dusting on your face to show. Moreover, it’s a very versatile color that will almost suit all skin tones and shades. I have had mine for 3 months already and it’s far from being done. Only $30 and definitely worth it.


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Because of its natural feeling, the Make Up For Ever Smoky Last is my favorite choice for mascara. It doesn’t cake up or club but instead pumps up the volume and thickness of my lashes! And it only costs $23.


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I used to always wear dark colors on my lips because it looked rad, until that day when I decided to try the Rouge Artist Natural One from Make Up For Ever (N4) for $20. It is a neutral/nude color that flatters your lips AND your look. It’s my “go to” shade when I’m in a hurry. Definitely one to just to keep in my bag.


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Finally the eye liner.

I love the NARS eyeliner stylo because it doesn’t run, doesn’t flake and definitely stays vibrant from 12 hours if not more! It is an amazing deal for less than $30 and lasts for almost 3 months!

Make sure you to grab these 7 products every woman should own!

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