The Art of Feminine Confidence – Sarah {Fashion and Beauty Expert}

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you an awesome interview series I took part in.  The series, The Art of Feminine Confidence, is hosted by Christine Campbell and she brings together 21 experts that teach you have to feel confident through different areas.

Check out Christine’s amazing message:

Confidence truly is something we all can have, and we all deserve to have. The BIG PROMISE of this summit is you will get access to take the exact steps necessary to live your BEST LIFE ever! If there is even ONE thing that hits home to get you unstuck, then this summit is worth listening to. This could be what you have been needing to move you from dissatisfied with your life to LOVING your life. The time is now – why wait?

1Update557264_928688429351_1181375600_nI am really excited and honored to be interviewed and featured as the Fashion and Beauty Expert.  You can check out my interview, along with the 21 other experts here.

You can get all of my tips on how to feel confident when it comes to fashion and beauty.  You can also check out the other experts who fill you in how to get confident when it comes to other areas of your life.

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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