The Beautiful European Background for the Inferno Movie

The Da Vinci Code and its predecessor, Angels & Demons, were smash hits, both the books and the movies. Now, the excitement continues as Inferno, the next installment in the series, hits theaters on October 28th!

Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard are back at it again with yet another European adventure! Speaking of European adventures, everyone knows that this film series is known for filming at beautiful locations all around Europe. Get a sneak peek at the beautiful background scenery before the film premieres next week.

Robert Langdon (portrayed by Tom Hanks) follows a series of clues once again in order to solve a mystery! When the worst happens and Langdon wakes up in a hospital with amnesia, things get even messier. He has to team up with Dr. Sienna Brooks (portrayed by Felicity Jones) to both figure out the things he forgot, as well as stop a deadly plot the will destroy the world. No pressure, right?


The Boboli Gardens

Europe is not new ground for this series. Flourence, in all its beauty and history, becomes the back drop to this adventure film! The pair race through the Boboli Gardens which is located directly behind the Palazzo Pitti. The setting is older than you can even imagine! This is what this series does though. They show history as the backdrop of current events, as shown here.



The Pallazzo Vecchio

Speaking of palazzos, the Pallazzo Vecchio is essentially the town hall of the city of Florence. This became one of the main places the movie took advantage of! They utilized multiple rooms throughout the building in order to show the importance of the plot.


Hagia Sofia

The film has aspects that take the characters of Inferno to Istanbul, Turkey. Hagia Sofia translates to “Holy Wisdom.” It’s a museum, but is known for its religious history due to it formally being an imperial mosque and a Greek Orthodox Church. The gorgeous building becomes important to the characters of the film. (I can’t even imagine the conversation of trying to secure this location for a film! It might have been quite the battle!)

Check out the trailer below for a look at the Inferno movie!

Inferno comes out in theaters on October 28th!

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