The Benefits of Moisturizing Your Skin

Moisturizing your skin is like hydrating your body with water. Every time I apply lotion I’m sure I hear my skin saying “ahhh”.  Sometimes people stray from moisturizers as their skin is already oily and so applying added moisture feels suffocating. However, this annoyance is easily fixed when you realize not all moisturizers are created equal.  It’s important to realize the benefits of keeping your skin hydrated and then finding the best care for your skin. Yes, “your skin” because not everyone has the same body and there are tons of moisturizes out there aimed for different skin types

First: Moisturizer is good! If anything it creates a protective layer for your skin, keeping the exposure to harm limited.  According to the Daily Glow website for Health and Beauty, moisturizing also prevents wrinkling, which is caused by dryness. This is important to keep in mind during the hot summer months!  And it is always helpful to create a routine with your moisturizer so your skin can adapt and respond more effectively with each application.

However finding the right lotion or moisturizer can be tricky, as you first have to find out your skin type. Personally, my skin is dry. It’s especially dry after I shower. So moisturizers that are thicker like lotions or creams create a great base that keep my body comfortable throughout the day. Those with oily skin should avoid heavy creams. Moisturizers that are light and oil-free are the best option. They are often made with herbals as well which give oily skin that may seem hydrated that extra bit of care.

One last thing I like to keep in mind is smell. Moisturizers often have heavy scents that can be overbearing or a kind delight. I am sensitive to smell so I like to go to lotions that are odor free. The herbal moisturizers are a good medium in that they supply a light organic scent plus hydration. Thicker creams usually carry a heavier odor so it’s always a good idea to test out creams before a purchase.

Keep in mind skin is your biggest organ; the protector of your body-but that doesn’t mean it’s tough enough to fend for itself. Moisturizers aid and assist, keeping skin looking healthy and fresh!


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