The Best Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape


A good hairstyle can change everything about your look. It allows you to reinvent yourself without scraping the bottom of your piggy bank, so you want to make sure you have the best possible hairstyle to suit your face shape. Everyone has different face shapes so just because you love your best friends hair doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best hairstyle to show off your features. Here are some tips for finding the best hairstyles to suit your face shape.

The first step is to figure out what face shape you have. This can sometimes be tricky so here are some pictures to help you out. These pictures of each face shape will help you figure out what your face shape is closest too. It’s good to have a mirror close to you now!


Round shaped face

For a round face, the best bet is to opt for soft layers that frame your face. Also, wearing your hair up in a high pony tail can sometimes help to elongate your face. All hair lengths can look fabulous but the key with round faces really is layering – soften the roundness of the face as well as elongating it.



Oval shaped face

The people with oval shaped faces are lucky in the sense that their face shape is the most versatile with hairstyles. Nothing really looks terrible! So, lucky you! Updos are a beautiful way to show off that lovely symmetrical face shape. Side swept bangs work as does a center part. Whatever you feel like doing with your hair will look great but be careful of adding weight to your face with heavy locks around your face. Congratulations on a great face shape!



Rectangle shaped face

Really long hair is not the most flattering look for this face shape as it makes your face look even longer. Sleek updos can make your jawline look very square which is great if that is the look you want to achieve. If not, try a wavier lower updo that frames your face. For bangs, try softer, more rounded bangs to the side instead of severe straight bangs which will make the face look boxier.




Heart shaped face

With heart shaped faces you want to avoid heavy bangs. Side swept bangs are great because they soften the face since it goes into more of a point near your chin. Braids look super cute because of the feminine shape of the face. Try not to make hair look too wide with updos since the chin is so pointed – it will only make it look more pointed. Layers are also a great way to frame the face!

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Diamond shaped face

With a lovely diamond shaped face, you don’t want it to appear more narrow by having all your hair close to your face so updos where all the hair is pulled back are extremely flattering. As are loose, flowing locks with one side pushed back from the face. Much like a rectangle shaped face, you want to avoid heavy, straight bangs and opt for a side swept style. Layers are a must have!


We hope this helps you find the best hairstyle to show off the beautiful face shape and features that you all have!  Do you have any tips that you use to find the best hairstyles to suit your face shape?


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