The Best Make-Up For Your Skin Type

The Best Make-Up For Your Skin Type

Just like your hair color and personal style your skin is also very unique to you. Some of us have dry skin, combination skin, oily skin or normal skin. No matter what type of skin we have we all have something in common, we all want to look good. As we get older and grow into our own, makeup becomes an essential part of our look.  Check out the best make-up for your skin type.

With so many different types of skin out there you want to make sure that your makeup selection best suits your own skin. You don’t want to get a foundation that doesn’t match your skin texture and color and have a “caking” effect happening. So depending on what your skin type is there are certain characteristics that you should look for in a product. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when heading to the makeup counter.

NORMAL SKIN: After doing my research I found that normal skin is the easiest, most manageable skin type to have. One way to know you have normal skin is if you don’t excessive flakiness, excess oil production, or problems with breakouts you may fall into the normal skin category. Because people that have normal skin have little issues with their skin, they can get by with little makeup and by following a simple skin care regimen. In reference to the best makeup to use for normal skin, you have a vast number of choices you can make, just make sure that whatever you choose is easy to use and matches your skin tone.

OILY SKIN: Oily skin is typified by skin that produces excess oil. Have you ever got ready for the day and then 4-5 hours later checked your face and saw that your skin had a shiny appearance ?, you may have oily skin. Oily skin is typically always very acne-prone so you need to make sure that whatever makeup you use is oil- free and doesn’t clog your pores. The best thing to use for your skin is a loose powder. There is enough moisture in the powder to stick to your skin without producing oil. If you need more coverage look for something that has a cream to powder base. Avoid liquid foundations and other heavy very creamy foundations.

COMBINATION SKIN: When a person has combination skin they have oil skin in their T-zone area ( forehead, nose, central cheek) and their skin is dry in the other areas of your skin. Applying makeup to combination can be tricky because in essence you have to find the perfect match for your oily and drier parts of your face. The best way to apply makeup to combination skin begins before you apply any makeup on. It may be easier to prep your skin before you apply makeup so you have an even surface. For example, toning and moisturizing your skin before you apply your makeup can help to make your skin more uniform before application. With combination skin you have to address both issues when purchasing makeup. Make sure you buy oil-free makeup to address your oily areas.

DRY SKIN: People with dry skin usually have flaky skin. Their main problem is that their skin lacks moisture. The best thing for a person with dry skin to do is to make sure that before they apply any makeup to their skin that their skin is adequately hydrated and moisturized. You should stay away from loose powder because they may make your skin look ashen and dry. The main thing to look for with a foundation is a hydrating component. Liquid or creamy foundations are best.

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