The Craze with Royal Hats

There’s more to being royal than having the crown, the title, the castle and staff. There’s more to looking like royalty than having the perfect dress, pretty face and absolute gorgeous…hat? Yes! Extravagant hats have become the new fashion accessory for women in England.

Recently at the Royal Ascots, the hats made the biggest splash at the race course. Similar to the Kentuckey Derby, the Ascots are a time for people to come together for a  relaxing day of conversation and watching the races. Since enforcing the new dress code many women may have had to re-work their hat options because each hat worn had to be a certain diameter and couldn’t be a fascinator. There were hats with wide brims and hats with high tops. Decoration such as bows, flowers and feathers accompanied lots of head-wear that added lots of flare to one’s outfit. One woman even wore a hat with a fake breakfast meal on top.

However, the biggest craze that hit England (and the world) was the elaborate fascinators worn by the guests of William and Kate’s 2011 nuptials. Victoria Beckham arrived in a clean-cut, edgy fascinator situated front and center on her head, while Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice stole the show. Princess Eugenie adorned a decorative blue fascinator with a navy flower and feathers appearing from the back, while Princess Beatrice wore a more interesting blush fascinator that resembled…well no one really knows. Among the other guests were more low-key styles using netting to cover the head and as a veil over the face.

The popularity behind intricate and imaginary hats is just beginning, and with designers such as Philip Treacy and Rachel Trevor Morgan, there is only more to come.

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