The Dating Bucket List

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After being in a relationship for a while, sometimes coming up with ideas for dates can be difficult due to a light a wallet, or the inability to take off time from work/school. However, a little change every once in a while is good in every relationship! Besides, the same dates get old after a while.

Here is a list of a top ten dates that every couple should do. It includes a combination of expensive and inexpensive activities, and it will for sure add adventure to the relationship. Some of these may be a part of your bucket list anyway!

  1. Hiking is fun and relatively in expensive.  It can also be done in the same day and you can get a work out! Check out any of your local state parks for information about it.
  2. Snorkeling is a lot of fun. If you live in the West Coast, travel to Catalina Island. The trip there depending on which harbor you leave is about $72 an adult. For more information visit Snorkeling varies depending on the company and the location. Yes, this is a bit more on the expensive side, but it also will be a once in a lifetime experience!
  3.  Have a picnic. This is really easy and relatively cheap. It is also can be very romantic and can be done almost anywhere. Try the park, beach, or after a hiking trip.
  4. Visit a cave. Explore the mystery and beauty of a cave. These are definitely a memorable experience, and it often feels like you are in another world. There is at least one in every state! Check to make sure that the one closest to you is actually viewable to the public.
  5. Visit a museum. They are fun and relaxing. Plus you can actually learn something from them.
  6. Paint some pottery at Color Me Mine. Try out your artistic skills by painting some ceramic pieces. They have everything from plates to sea horses. Prices vary depending on the size of the ceramic piece and the colors you choose. They have several locations throughout the U.S. Check to see if there is location near you at
  7. Camping is also relatively cheap. The only thing that cost the most is the necessities such as a tent, sleeping bag, water, fire wood, and a knife. Maybe even some mosquito repellent.
  8. White Water Rafting for the extremely adventurous. This also can be very expensive for two people. Prices vary depending on the company and how long the trip is. Some locations offer overnight camping.
  9. View the city in a hot air balloon. If you live near Irvine, California visit the Great Park Balloon. Rides in the balloon are a first come first serve basis and it’s free! View Orange County’s Great park 400 feet above the ground with 25-30 other passengers. Visit this site for more information Of course, Irvine is not the only location that provides hot air balloon rides, there others across the U.S., but they also tend to be expensive.
  10. Go horseback riding. This is another way to experience some beautiful scenery and have some fun. Beaches and mountain areas tend to be popular locations for horseback riding. They are also across the U.S. and prices vary.

Hope you enjoyed the list beauties because a lot of thought went into it. Have fun on your dates!


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    • Christine
    • July 5, 2012

    This is an amazing article! I have been in a relationship for over two years and we are always trying to find things to do that are unique and fun. Thanks so much!!

      • Sarah Whiteford
      • July 5, 2012

      Thank you so much!!!!

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