The Dream Machine in Brooklyn, NY – An Instagramer’s Paradise

by Sarah Scoop

For those of you who have been to Brooklyn, NY, you’ll know that it is home to some of the best pizza and and artist. There are many art galleries and expos to visit, but there is only one interactive art experience, the Dream Machine.

I recently got the privilege to spend some time in New York, and when I was deciding what I wanted to do in my time there I knew the Dream Machine had to be on the itinerary. Every room takes your mind on a different adventure, and my favorite part about the Dream Machine is  they encouraged you to touch everything and take lots of photos.

The cloud room:

My head was in the clouds, literally.  This was the first room walk into and you really feel like you are on cloud 9. The clouds were fluffy and of course it was a great spot to take photos.

The Bubble Room:

This room was just plain fun! There was bubbles filled with fog falling from the ceiling and when you popped them it looked like magic. This was one of my favorite rooms and it really brought out my inner 5-year-old.

Black and White:

This room made you feel like you time traveled back in time when TV was only black and White. They had an amazing photo wall and lots of pottery.


Have you ever seen an Instagram photo of someone posing in a laundromat? Well chances are it’s not a real laundromat, it might just be the Dream Machine. The best part about this room? They gave you cotton candy!

The Secret Room:

Behind the laundry machines there was a secret door that led you to a fully mirrored room. From the ceiling hung hundreds of lights that made you feel like you’ve transported into the stars. For my Harry Potter lovers out there, it made me feel like I was in the dining room with all the floating candles.

The Ball Pit:

Yes, there was a ball pit and yes it was amazing. It was set up to look like a pool with a projection of water rippling on the walls. Jumping around in a ball pit made me feel like I was back in the good-ole-days.

The Jungle:

I like to call this room the trippy jungle, there were lights every where and different patterns on the plants. It felt like your mind was playing tricks on you because it was all so surreal.

Room of streamers:

Thousands of silver streamers filled this room and walking though all of them was like a dream. You can’t see that far ahead so you don’t know where you are going, but thats the beauty of it you just got to enjoy what was exactly in front of you.

The Dream Machine, is exactly what is says it is “an interactive experience”. No matter your art taste, there is a room that you will enjoy. If you are in New York and love trying new things and getting amazing Instagram photos, I would highly recommend checking out this amazing pop up, but hurry it only goes till July, 29. Get tickets here.

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