“The First Time” to Hit Select Theaters Soon!

For over a year now there have been talks about a new film directed by Jon Kasdan called “The First Time.” As time went on a few images from the movie were released, a few people got their hands on some clips and screenings were held at film festivals. The only thing missing was an actual release date–until now! According to the New York Times website, “The First Time” is finally set to release in select theaters on Oct 19.

The film takes place over the course of a weekend and follows two primary characters. Dave Hodgman and Aubrey Miller are two high school students who meet one weekend at a party and end up falling for each other.

Their story isn’t like one you’d typically see in movies, though. Kasdan wanted to make sure that everything that took place in this film felt real and that it was different from what audience members typically see in the theatre.

“I wanted to do something that could be a moment by moment account of what it’s like to meet someone,” Kasdan said in an interview for the Sundance Film Festival. “So often I felt like in movies you see sort-of two people meet, they smile at each other and then they’re riding a two-seater bicycle down the street. I wanted to do something that wasn’t like that.”

Those who have already seen the movie (at festivals like Sundance) have had nothing but great things to say! Acorrding to a Sundance Review done by Allistair Pinsof on Flixist.com this film was ” very raw, emotional and extremely well written.” It’s not the usual teen romance film. There’s much more depth to the characters and the situations they are going through.

“This is a timeless love story that doesn’t ride on a wave of nostalgia or trend. It succeeds because it is courageous and pure at heart,” Pinsof said.

The story line isn’t the only thing this film has going for them, though. They have an incredible cast that we’re dying to see play out these roles. Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf”) and Brittany Robertson (“The Secret Circle”) play the leads and we’re super excited to see them in this film. The film also has actress Victoria Justice (“Victorious”).

The new up-and-coming actors and actresses in this film are insanely talented and often at times, underrated. We know that this movie is going to end up expanding their careers in many amazing ways. We can’t wait to finally get the chance to see the film ourselves!

Are you as excited to see “The First Time” as we are? Let us know in the comments below!

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