The Flu is on the Rise and Here is What You Should Do About It

Flu season is here and is extremely contagious.  It can spread easily to others, especially in places like day-care centers, schools, cruise ships and nursing homes. If all of this sounds familiar to those of you who laid viciously low over the holidays. It’s because the arrival of cold weather usually coincides with an increase in one of winter’s most dreaded horrors: noroviruses and respiratory viruses.

Experts agree that the flu rate this year is about three times higher than last year, and it hasn’t reached its peak yet. Even among the vaccinated, incidence of flu-like symptoms is at an all time high.  Watch the video above to get the scoop on tips from registered Pharmacist and News Correspondent Jim Morelli on how to prevent the flu and reduce the length of the flu in case you catch it.

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