The Heartbreaker


Most of you all have been there, the heartbreak of a lover. Whether it was a long term relationship or a fling that turned into something serious. It is never easy to realize what is happening right in front of you. To seperate what your head is saying and what what your heart is telling you what to do can be overwhelming.

The Long term relationship: There are so many reason relationships end, differnt for every couple. Falling out of love, cheating, family all types of things, but if you have not gotten to the breaking point try and talk it out. Figure out exactly where the other ones head is and what they are feeling, no judgement not anything just listen one at a time. If you have gotten to the breaking point, you all need to figure out the next step, really think about if your at the point of no love or if you could maybe figure it out.

The Fling relationship: Say you both meet eachother randomly and just automatically have thay chemistry. It maybe obvious that you all like eachother, the relationship changes a lot faster than you thought it would. Make sure you understand eachothers intentions, especially if one of you are already in a relationship. Having a fling with someone already in a relationship could be considered cheating; and also just bring both of you grief in the end. It may not end up pretty either, you may end up loosing a person you really cared about.


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