The Mystery of the Black Cat

You’ve seen it before: you’re driving along, minding your own business, when a black, furry blob scurries across the road in front of you. Well, now your luck is down the drain, doomed by a mere feline coincidence, so says the legend. Wait, why is your luck determined by a black cat crossing your path? Why has that had people running around frantically, biting the tips of their fingers, and trying to find a new avenue to their destination?

Well, let’s back up. Depending on what part of the world you’re in, you may jump up and down for joy when you see a black cat dart across your path and keep running in the same direction. Since ancient Egyptian times, black cats have been revered and held as a sacred symbol. In fact, one of the revered goddesses, Bast, had the symbol of a black cat. To kill one of these furry felines around 3000 BC in early Egyptian times was an enforced crime. Moving on up to Scotland, a black cat nesting on your doorstep is an omen for good luck and prosperity. Even throughout the rest of Europe, black cats were held on a pedestal for being a harbinger of good fortune.

Yet, when the black cat was let out of the bad bag is still a bit of an unanswered question. The paranoia traces all the way back to when Salem became inflamed with witch hunt hysteria. With the uber Christian cleansing that was thick in the air and strong in the hearts of the settlers, the Puritans took strong offence to the Egyptian symbol of good luck, and other pagan symbolism it held in other European countries. With that said, many of the puritans declared that black cats were “familiars”, or companions of the witches. They were treated with the same respect as their innocent voo-doo owners. Sounds a bit like Hocus Pocus, huh?

All in all, it depends on how the culture looks at the dark darting cats. It’s up to you to choose if proceeding is a good option or not!

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    • Briana
    • October 5, 2012

    So cute!!!

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