The Nail Polish Trick You Should Be Doing

Painting your nails should be second nature right?

I just discovered after having movie night (a.k.a. eating and manicures) with my girlies that most women are not doing the most essential step in their at home manicures!  We’re forgetting the step that seals in your mani and protects it from chipping.


After you swipe on your top coat, run whatever is left on the brush around the ends of your nails.  It’ll create an extra barrier that will help defend your fresh nail polish from those unsightly chips.  You know the ones.  For me, they show up the next morning when I’m making breakfast, and the perfectionist in me rages silently as I remove my nail polish.  Such a waste!  After trying this tip, my nail polish lasted twice as long, and to be extra safe, I went over my thumb and index fingers again at the ends since those digits usually take the brute force of whatever arts and crafts (read: ripping apart packages) that I am doing.

To give your nails an even further boost?  Use a gel top coat instead of your regular top coat!  Even though the rest of your nails are not gel nail polish, by finishing with a gel top coat, you still get some of the benefits of gel manis.  The best part is you won’t need a weird looking torture device nail scooper to remove your polish – those things seriously freak me out!

On that note, if you do subscribe to gel manis, you might want to treat your hands to a SPF hand lotion before you head to the salon.  While those UV lamps won’t cause skin cancer (unless you go a million times), they still could contribute to premature aging and dark spots/discoloration on your skin.  That’s my two cents on the matter – be on the lookout for an SPF rant coming soon!

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