The Pencil Skirt: Essential Piece for Any Businesswoman

Every career-woman must have a pencil skirt in their wardrobe. This classic statement piece is versatile and can transform almost any outfit into business attire. The first color every woman should purchase is black. As you all know, black is virtually the easiest color to wear. It matches with almost anything and gives your silhouette a sleek look. By wearing black on bottom, you open up many opportunities on top.

To keep the entire look classic, you can go for neutral blouses. You can also spice your look up and wear a colored top. The outfit will be playful, while still looking professional. Since pencil skirts are such an essential piece of clothing, you’ll want to get a few in other colors.

To continue with the classic look, go for one in camel, or even a deep grey. These colors are still very sleek and a great alternative depending on the season. In the summer, camel will give you a light and airy look. Try pairing it with a bold orange top and a cute neutral cardigan.

Once you’ve mastered the classic pencil skirt look, have a little fun with it! Try going for skirts in unconventional colors, such as a red or teal. If done the right way, a colored pencil skirt is a great way to look fashion-forward in a business setting. Use this time to play with colors and styles. If you’re wearing a red skirt, go for a simple white blouse on top and consider pairing it with a navy blazer. You can experiment with colors without being too flashy!

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