The Scoop on Art of Green Cleaning Products

by Sarah Scoop
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This post was sponsored by Art of Green® and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Sarah Ruhlman of Sarah Scoop with Art of Green Cleaning Products
Image Credit: Sarah Ruhlman (Sarah Scoop)

With all of us home more often than ever, keeping a clean living space is more important and noticeable than it ever has been. I know that personally, I have never cleaned so much in my life, and because of that I want to make sure that it is not only easy but also affordable. 

I’ve got the scoop on how I keep my home clean (yes even my white kitchen). Instead of having to worry about spending a fortune on cleaning products, I use Art of Green

Art of Green Cleaning Products
Image Credit: Sarah Ruhlman (Sarah Scoop)

Art of Green Products

Art of Green cleaning products are affordable, family-friendly, tough on stains and messes, and made of all-natural ingredients. They are the new and improved green cleaning products that help to not only keep your space clean, but also the environment. 

They are 98% naturally derived and are safe for everyone, especially kids and pets. They have absolutely no harsh chemicals, making them non-toxic and safe for all surfaces. These products are also extremely good for picking up dirt, grease, grime, and all other messes that are tough to move. Using these products will leave your space cleaner than ever before, and will make your life so much easier. 

The multipurpose trigger spray and cleaning wipes are my favorite and are perfect for easy and fast cleaning. They are perfect for getting up food stains and spills, makeup stains, and even messes from my pets, without taking up too much of my time. They get the job done just as quick as the mess was made.

Sarah Ruhlman of Sarah Scoop with Art of Green Cleaning Products
Image Credit: Sarah Ruhlman (Sarah Scoop)

Perfect For Your Home

They are easy to use when in a hurry, but also are perfect when looking to do a deep clean. Art of Green cleaning products use ingredients that are sure to dig under those tough stains, and lift them up making surfaces look good as new. Overall, these products are the perfect mix of clean and simple, which makes them perfect for families and pet owners

Art of Green products also smell great! The Lavender Eucalyptus and White Flowers scents are my favorite because they are very refreshing and make the whole house smell brand new. I can honestly say that these products turn cleaning from being a hassle, to something easy and breezy for anyone who uses them.

Where You Can Find It

I also love that Art of Green is easy to find and is available in-stores near you. You can find it available at Target, Sprouts Market, and H-E-B, or online at

For information on where to find Art of Green near you visit:

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