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Jeannie Mai is a makeup artist, fashion expert and TV personality. She is the host of Style Networks “ How Do I look?” She has been on various television programs related to fashion such as Extra TV and “The Daily 10” on E! News.

Before Mai broke onto the fashion scene she was an average stylish girl from San Jose California. As a young child she would interview her family and give them make over’s. She graduated from high school and went on to college to study Communications so later on she could pursue her dream of working in the makeup and fashion industry.

To gain more experience and pursue her love of cosmetics she obtained a job at MAC as a makeup artist. She worked hard and eventually was applying makeup to famous faces. Her clients ranged from Christina Aguilera to Alicia keys. Besides having a love for makeup she has an even bigger love for fashion. She has been the host of “How Do I Look? For the last three years. The show focuses on empowering women and helping them overcome their insecurities.

Mai is an empowering woman known for her trademark dark blue hair and is heavily involved in philanthropy. She is committed to help women overcome obstacles and helping them achieve their goals. She calls her self a “Wearapist” which according to her belief of turning wardrobe style into life therapy; specifically choosing colors and textures to empower your mood, and influence your environment

Mai says “Colors, textures and the way we reveal our body shape can enhance, reflect and effect our every mood, emotion and thought. Fashion has the power to fuel our souls and create a specific audience of energy in our lives. Welcome to my psychology of style, this is wearapy.”

Mai has a very active career and she continues to set her mark on the fashion industry. Her work has been featured in a wide variety of popular publications such as: US Weekly, OK! Magazine, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Elle, Allure, and Ebony.

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