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Megan Davies is a singer/song writer who is extremely talented! Her YouTube page alone has more than one hundred and thirty seven million views and she has over one million and fifty thousand subscribers. Being one of my favorite YouTube artists, I reached out to her to see if she would be interested in an interview. It was great being able to learn more about her and her story. She has incredible passion for what she does and is a true fighter! Check out my interview with Megan to learn more about her for yourself!


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m an acoustic singer-songwriter living in Nashville.  I started a YouTube channel a few years ago to post music videos I was making with my friends and my sister.  I still arrange/produce/mix/edit everything on the channel.  I also tour a bit and I am currently working on a debut album of original songs.

You grew up in Pennsylvania. How did growing up there shape you into the musician that you are today?

I grew up in a suburban area – not a bad place.  However, there weren’t a ton of musical outlets.  My parents aren’t musicians and I didn’t know many people who played music, but I craved learning about it.  So, I did everything I could to seek that out, from watching YouTube videos, to tracking down guitar teachers, to convincing my parents to let me switch to a performing arts high school.  I think it gave me a hunger and it also taught me never to take music or musical education for granted.

What was it like going to Belmont University?

It’s a great school.  When I started out at Belmont, I was completely focused on being a guitar player.  I was one of two girls in the major.  Then midway through my junior year, I injured a nerve in my elbow and couldn’t play for 6 months.  It was the worst.  I had to get surgery and sadly needed to change my major to graduate on time.  But like most things, there was a silver lining and I started spending time songwriting, singing, and recording.

You have been playing guitar for pretty much your entire life. How does your love for guitar help you with song writing?

It’s everything.  Most songs I write start with a guitar part.  I still get super excited when I come up with a guitar part I think is cool.

Which musician has inspired you the most and why?

Kaki King was one of my biggest inspirations growing up.  She plays a lot of experimental acoustic guitar and was one of the first female players I saw who just slayed it.  I actually used one of her instrumental songs for my college auditions.

You are known for your fantastic covers and the YouTube videos of them. What’s the best part about creating cover songs?

The best part is pulling apart the song and getting to know the words and music.  Some pop songs are a lot more intricate than you would think.  It’s also fun to figure out different ways to make it my own.

Your YouTube channel has a lot of views and followers. How has YouTube contributed to your success as a singer/songwriter?

It’s been really important because it gives me an audience.  I’m able to make music in my bedroom and give it directly to the people who want to listen to it.  Not too long ago, there were gate keepers you had to go through to get your music to the people.

What’s your favorite cover song that you have done?

The Macklemore and Ryan Lewis mashup I did with my sister is probably the most fun I’ve had with an arrangement and one that I’m really proud of.  My second favorite is the “I See Fire/Burn” mashup.  The second verse when I sing “I See Fire” while I’m fingerpicking the synth part from “Burn” took me soooo long to get.

You sometimes collaborate with your sister and friends. What’s that like?

My friends are very different musically from me and they all have their own strengths and musical instincts.  It keeps the process fresh and keeps me from relying on formulas.  As for my sister, working with her always come from a place of us having fun.  She’s not pursuing music as a career and in a way I think people can sense that carefree aspect when we work together.

Besides doing cover songs, you also create your own songs. How is that process different and which do you like creating and performing more?

It’s fun to create cover songs.  But, there’s something about writing and performing your own words that’s addictive.  It’s more challenging, but I’ll always prefer the originals.

What’s your favorite original song that you have done?

I recently wrote this song called “Black and White” that is right now my favorite to play.  I think it’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. It’s about figuring out who I am and being okay with not being the best version of myself sometimes.  I am hoping to record it for YouTube soon.

Is there any “fun fact” about yourself that might surprise our readers if you were to share it with them?

I’m a fangirl when it comes to television shows and movies.  I’m always watching HBO and Netflix.  My latest obsession has been Westworld.

If music wasn’t the most possible road for you to go down in order to achieve success, would you still travel down that path?

Yes, absolutely I would.  It’s the only thing I could imagine myself doing.  I’m the happiest when I’m playing music.

What advice would you give to struggling musicians out there who are trying to accomplish their dreams?

Focus on the craft, improving yourself as a musician and a performer.  If you get caught up in looking too far ahead, you can forget how to enjoy the work.

Do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

Thanks to those of you out there listening!  The internet is a strange little world, but I’m grateful to be able to connect with people and share what I do.


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    • John
    • January 23, 2017

    Great writeup! I look forward to seeing Megan live next time she’s in town.

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