The Secret Lives of Celebrity Stunt Doubles

The suspenseful music begins, and the camera pans to our favorite hollywood hunk or feminine heroine running down the street.  He or she leaps from rooftop to rooftop, tumbles down the stairs and then barely makes it onto a helicopter ready for lift off.  That has to be the blockbuster performer themselves, right?

Turns out, many celebrities have their own personal look-a-likes to do some of the dangerous stuff for them.  Because of their amazing, and not to mention, daring work, we wanted to honor a few of them by exposing their secret identities.  There is a lot to the secret lives of celebrity stunt doubles.

 Wait, let’s get this straight: there are two amazingly cute Rob Pattisnsons?  Above is Paul Darnell, the hunky vampire’s stunt double.  Darnell has been running through the forest as Edward in each of the smash Twilight films.  Aside from being a part of the adapted trilogy, the athlete has been a stunt double in countless flicks like Water for Elephants, The Other Guys, and Battleship.  Look for him next in Man of Steel flying as Superman’s stunt double.
We all were amazed at the chilling choreography and beautiful dancing in Black Swan, but it wasn’t all Natalie Portman.  Although the versatile actress committed to countless intense weeks of ballet lessons, dancer Sarah Lane did many of the moves.  Lane became a professional dancer at only 16, working in depth programs on full scholarship!  Besides dancing in movies, Sarah continues to wow audiences as a soloist at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.
Are we seeing double vision, or is there really someone that looks that much like Brad Pitt?  Photographers recently snapped this pic of the two on set of the much anticipated, zombie film, World War Z.  The fit Phil Ball jokingly considers himself an “unsung hero” on his Twitter page, and continues to do stunt and stand-in work.  The native Londoner can also be seen fighting in Sherlock Holmes, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Prometheus.
Paul, Sarah, and Phil are just three of the many stand-ins and stunt doubles that take on celebrity identities daily!  It’s a job that will keep you fit and keep people second guessing who you really are.  So, you think you could get up and accomplish numerous daring stunts every day? 
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    wow i never knew robert had a stuntman in certain movies. thats so cool!

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