The Secret to the Perfect Morning Coffee


It can be a struggle waking up every morning and getting the ball rolling. If you’re like me, sometimes (ok, always) you need that extra boost to get you up and moving. AKA: coffee. I’ve put together seven of my favorite coffee mugs (one for every morning) and I’ll even let you in on my secret recipe for the perfect coffee concentrate. Now you’ll be extra ready for the long week ahead!

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Sunday: Sundays are for relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. Whether you’re drinking coffee or tea, this cute mug will get you ready for a bright and calm Sunday afternoon.

Monday: On Mondays, it’s nice to let the mug do the talking. This mug says it all, “No questions, please, and bring on the coffee!”

Tuesday: After a long Monday, it’s time to kick it into gear with this Everygirl mug- Success is Not for the Lazy. Step up your mug motivation and sip some success!

Wednesday: Don’t let the midweek hustle and bustle make your day a gloomy one. All it takes is a little yellow from the every-so-graphic Pantone to make your whole day a little brighter.

Thursday: By Thursday, I’m feeling the lack of sleep and tend to be running a little late. This travel mug is the perfect little secret to making it to work or school on time. However, if you aren’t like me, and tend to have extra time on Thursdays, take your coffee to go and enjoy the little things along the way.

Friday: It’s Friday… you made it through the week! Reward yourself with cake for breakfast…. or at least a mug that approves those cravings. Kate Spade does it again with her crafty sayings. Start the weekend off on a good foot.

Saturday: Let your creativity soar on Saturday. Get inspiration from this fab camera mug and make some everlasting memories this weekend.

Now, you can’t have the perfect coffee mug and no coffee to go in it. Here is my favorite recipe for cold coffee concentrate, perfect during this hot and humid summer.

Perfect Coffee Concentrate (make sure you water this down, or it will be super strong!)

What you’ll need:

  • 12 oz. coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 7 cups cold water
  • 1 large container/mixing bowl
  • 1 pitcher
  • 1 trainer
  • A few coffee filters


  1. Pour coffee grinds into a large container/mixing bowl
  2. Add water and stir gently – not too much water, just enough to get all the grounds wet
  3. Cover and let it sit overnight at room temperature
  4. The next morning, uncover and get out your pitcher, strainer, and coffee filter
  5. Place strainer on top of pitcher and insert coffee filer in strainer
  6. Pour coffee over filter/strainer a little bit at a time
  7. Be patient! Don’t push down coffee grinds and change filter if necessary
  8. Finished! Now, remember to water down your concentrate, about 1/2 cup of concentrate to 1 cup of water

Enjoy this perfect mixture in your daily mug!


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