The Skilled Careers The World Needs More Of

The workforce of the world is starting to shift dramatically. With the recent focus on jobs that provide immediate benefits, there’s a gap opening up. This gap is the place for skilled labourers. The most recent generation has showed less of an interest in the area of trades. This means as the older generation moves on, there will be less workers in those trades. But that doesn’t mean demand in these jobs have decreased. In fact, some of the demand has skyrocketed due to modern industries. If you’re good with your hands and want a trade, these are some that could very well use you.


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Not the most cleanly or glamorous of jobs. However, that hardly stops plumbers from keeping it as a lifelong career. Plumbing has its ups and downs depending on the needs of construction in the area. However, there will always be a need for domestic plumbers and there are plenty of ways to diversify your business. Learning private drain/sewage maintenance is one way. It could give you another avenue for business that’s always in demand. Plumbing is losing popularity with the growing generations, so there’s plenty of room to get into it, too.

HVAC technicians

In case you were unaware, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC is another industry that relies on construction jobs in the area but can just as easily keep you busy with domestic work. Especially since many people are looking towards more energy efficient HVAC in their home. The earning potential for HVAC technicians is great, too. There’s plenty of room for growth, starting as a service technician with potential to become a distribution manager down the line.

Plastic injection molders

One industry whose growth depends on trained individuals is the manufacturing industry. Particularly when it comes to plastics. Plastics are used in all kinds of different products nowadays. A lot of those products require a skilled hand. Plastic injection molders are the kind of skilled hands that many manufacturers need. With injection molding training, you could find yourself much sought after.

Construction and extraction

More than laborers, the construction and extraction industries are in need of specialists. This means people who have full knowledge of materials, practices and quality control. With these skills, there are jobs available in production, building and safety industries all over the world. If you want to work in a skilled industry that uses your hands but have a managerial mind, this could be the path for you. It does often lead to jobs that take you away from manual work, however.


Electricians are another of the staple trades that will always have a demand. Electricians are one of the more popular choices when compared to plumbers. Still, there are less training electricians than in the past. If your skill for the technical is as good as your grasp of the physical, electrician offers great pay and the chance to become your own boss. Flexible hours and engaging work are some more reasons why becoming an electrician could be a lifelong career.

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    • Joe
    • May 5, 2016

    HI Sarah,
    Yes, there seems to be a “skills gap” for working in the trades. There are a lot more going out than going in working for these professions.
    I hope that there are more people who could train for these profession.

    It is really nice to read these kind of posts. I hope that more people are reached by these.

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