Everything You Want to Know About Vitamins

We’ve all seen those commercials promoting the next big multivitamin. These vitamins are targeted toward different groups: men, women, children. But should you really be taking a multivitamin? Or would you be better off taking only those vitamins that you’re lacking?  We’ve got the truth about vitamins.

Your body needs a varying number of nutrients from different sources and sometimes a multivitamin may seem like the best option. But what you’re getting too much of one thing and not enough of something else? Much like you can’t spot reduce when working out, a multivitamin can’t target specific areas in your body that may be thriving on or lacking certain nutrients. A multivitamin is good way to make sure you’re some basic nutrients but it may not help you if you’re prone to certain deficiencies.

Pregnant women and those with vitamin deficiencies should speak with their doctors to understand what’s most beneficial for them in terms of choosing individual vitamins or even a multivitamin.

Overall, good health does not come in pill form. Be sure to eat balanced meals in order to get your daily doses of necessary vitamins.

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