The Wrap Dress

When Diane von Furstenberg pioneered the jersey wrap dress in the 1970’s, she sought to change the fashion industry with her creation – and she did. The wrap dress is a staple piece every woman should own as not only is it incredibly versatile, but it is very flattering to all body types.
Women continuously struggle to find the right pair of jeans to flatter their figure, or the right shirt to flatter their upper body, but with the wrap dress, there is very minimal thinking involved as it flatters just about anyone! If you have a small waist, you can tie the dress tight to enhance that tiny waist. If you have a bigger tummy, loosen the tie. If you have broader shoulders, again, tie it tighter to draw attention to your waist. It can enhance your greatest assets and hide those you aren’t too fond of.
Not only is it flattering for all body types, it is appropriate for all seasons and all events. You could wear it in the winter with a pair of boots, to a fancy dinner with friends, after work drinks with colleagues, and even to the office. There really are no limits with the amount of use you can get out of this simple piece.
This should be the “go to” piece for all women when struggling with what to wear. It’s simple, sophisticated, flattering and requires little accessorizing. Here are a few wrap dresses that we love…

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