These Office Issues Can Play Havoc With Your Health

Are you happy with your current career? Well perhaps you are but is it the best option when considering the state of your health? It’s true to say there are big issues caused by places of work that can cause serious damage to an individual. If you’re not aware of these issues, you might find your work is taking more than just your time away from you.




Stress is a huge cause for concern when thinking about your health. A lot of us have stressful jobs, and we’re probably not thinking too seriously about the effect this is having on our health. It could be something as simple as a deadline. Deadlines are present in almost every job that you can think of. But there are things that can make working towards a deadline more stressful.

For instance, the threat of losing your job if that particular deadline isn’t met. Many people will claim that it’s these type of challenges that make employees more efficient and productive. But you need to be careful with the line here. You shouldn’t throw everything in your life out of the window to complete a goal at work. This could lead to serious health issues. Issues that your employer should never have caused. We’ll get back to that important detail a little further down.


Anyone who has been bullied in the past will tell you it takes a huge emotional toll. In fact, some people who were bullied in their childhood suffer from a form of post-traumatic stress late in life. They might suffer from anxiety attacks or have low levels of confidence in themselves. Bullying shouldn’t be present in adult life, but unfortunately, it is. You probably know someone who felt they were bullied in a job. It’s particularly prominent in the journalism industry.

Usually, because newsrooms are still run by people who believe the business is still an “old boys club.” The effects of bullying are clear, and you should not have to put up with it in your place of work. Bullying in the workplace is a serious issue that your employer should deal with. If they don’t, you have every right to take legal action against them.

Accidental Injury

Another responsibility your employer has is a duty of care. This means that they should protect you and other employees from emotional and physical harm while at work. You can expect to work in a safe environment where you feel comfortable and unthreatened. You should trust that your employer will look after your welfare. If you don’t feel this way, again you might have a case for legal action.

There are numerous dangers in the office that could affect your health. For instance, employers have often caused employee’s injury by asking them to complete jobs they weren’t trained for. An example of this would be getting employees to help the move between offices, lifting heavy items. If you haven’t had training completing a task like this in your job, you are not responsible for any injury you suffer from. You employer on the other hand is accountable.
Don’t put up with these issues in your office. Particularly, if you think they are threatening your health.

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