Think Twice Before Taking Beauty Shortcuts: Here are the Health Risks

Health and beauty are two things that are bound together. If we are healthy and happy, we emit an aura through our natural confidence and health that can only enhance our beauty. However, if we’re unhealthy, our beauty can suffer in many ways. We can gain weight; we can get ill, our skin can suffer, our teeth and eyes can suffer – but the main thing above all? We won’t be happy – and that’s something that can really affect our beauty. If we aren’t happy, we won’t emit that aura of confidence, we won’t glow – and we won’t rub off on people. Health has a huge say in beauty,

Beauty, however, also has a huge say in health. The bar has been raised far too high thanks to Photoshop and social media along with rampant commercialism, and in the quest to look like our idols and our inspiration, we can take things too far. We can consume things that should not be in our body; we can undergo an operation that should not happen, we can take things too far in the gym; and too far with our diet (or lack of it). Beauty has become a punishment for many, and the constant quest to achieve an unattainable level of perfection is doing more harm than good; to both body and mind.

Beauty, and the quest for perfection should come with plenty of health warnings. Chasing beauty can of course, lead to a rewarding and healthy lifestyle – but like anywhere when the human body is pushed too far, it can also end in disaster. Unfortunately, it is the latter that is the more likely outcome.

In the first instance, shortcuts to beauty can have awful results. DIY enhancements and cut-price cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more common – leading to awful results and some horror stories of surgeons ‘playing god.’ This is not what we want from cosmetic surgery, which has held a solid reputation for years due to advancements in safety and results in the area. Enhancement surgery – and of course plastic surgery should only ever be carried out by trained and trusted professionals in the field. Even though costs can be cut, and savings can be made – unqualified surgeons are not to be trusted – and if mistakes are made, you may very well be on your own. It’s very easy to find a trained plastic surgery professional who can help you find the results you want, while paying considerations to your health. A cut-price surgery won’t have the same results, and might leave you scarred.

Other shortcuts to beauty can be found in the diet. Refusing to eat a healthy amount of food can lead to the development of severe mental issues and health problems. Any change to diet to boost weight loss should come after a doctor’s advice. Starving yourself is never, ever the answer and might not even result in the weight loss you wanted.

Don’t put your health at risks with shortcuts to beauty – because it will not turn out how you imagined. Not at all.

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