Three Easy Ways to Get Started on A Blog

Some of the writers here at Sarah Scoop have personal blogs, and I think they would all agree that it is an amazing way to release your thoughts and write to de-stress. Personally, I started by just writing my thoughts down on a journal before I decided to explore WordPress, BlogSpot, and even Tumblr. Where do you get started? Maybe this post will give you a better idea.

1. Find Your Passion

What do you love to write about? Which topics make your brain spark in ideas? Whether it’s fashion, personal life, advice, your hobbies, or all of the above, this will be the base of your blog.

2. Choose a website

There are too many blog sites out there to choose from, some being-


Choose the site that gives you the characteristics you’re looking for in your blog. For me, I like to be able to easily customize my blog because I like being creative, therefore I use Tumblr but with my own domain (For example, it will not be; just

3. Start writing while making networking

Once you’ve customized your blog, start writing! Go out and find what inspires you and your readers! Most importantly, connect your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites so you can get more recognition.

A blog is not only a way for you to express yourself, but if it’s geared towards your career path, display your work on there like a portfolio you can put it on your resum√© (only if it is professional, of course).

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