Time to Get Rid of Things You Don’t Actually Need

by Sarah Ruhlman
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If we are honest, we all have things in our home that we don’t really need. We end up holding onto things on the off chance that they will need them at some point. However, you don’t use these things, and the items keep mounting and mounting.


  • Old mobile phones – Do you have old mobile phones simply lying at the bottom of a cupboard? There are many companies that will take in your phone for some cash.
  • Unused perfume – If you don’t like the perfume that is sitting on your dresser that your Auntie Sue gave to you for Christmas, then don’t keep it! Give it to someone that actually likes it instead.
  • Clothes you never wear – This can be a difficult one for a lot of people. However, if you have heaps of clothes that are simply taking up space in your wardrobe, get rid of them! Once you have done this, you should follow the one in, one out rule to ensure you keep on top of things.
  • Books – Are you really going to read that book again? If not, sell or donate!
  • CDs & DVDs – Are you guilty of having a lot of CDs and DVDs that you are not going to use anymore? Get rid of all of the unwanted ones.
  • Old magazines – You probably won’t read those out-of-date magazines again, will you? So, recycle them. If you are holding onto a magazine because of a recipe contained inside, rip the recipe out and place it inside a file. It’s better to have one recipe file then loads of old magazines.
  • Your deep fryer – Do you really need the deep fryer in your kitchen? Unless you are planning on hosting dinner parties every week, it’s unlikely that your deep fryer makes up part of your regular diet. Plus, cleaning it is a nightmare!
  • Mini hotel toiletries – A lot of people love taking hotel toiletries home with them. After all, it’s nice to feel like you have got something for free, right? However, if these toiletries are simply gathering dust, it may be better to give them away.
  • Forgotten sporting equipment – If you are holding onto golf clubs that you never use simply because you may have a game of golf at some point, get rid of them.


There are many different ways you can get rid of the items you don’t need. You could hold a car boot sale or an estate sale. Estate sale companies are more suitable if you need to sell items quickly because you are moving or downsizing. Car boot sales are better if you only have a small selection of things to get rid of. Other options include donating items, selling them online, or generating interest on social media.

Get rid of the items you don’t need, and you will find that you have much more room in your home. You will feel more comfortable, and your mind will feel a lot clearer too!

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