5 Timeless Beauty Trends To Try For The New Year

If you ever really get bored with your beauty routine, then it could be time to shake things up. Not only do we have Christmas coming up, but the New Year is right around the corner too. And with a New Year on the horizon, it’s always a good idea to try out something new.

But you don’t always want to go with beauty trends that aren’t going to suit you, or that are going to be so out there that you look back in a few years and wonder what you were thinking. Sometimes, you just want to work with something lovely. And when that’s the case, you should always look to go timeless. So if you’re ready to try out something new, here are five classics to consider.

Nude Lipstick

Nude lipstick isn’t new. Although nudes have been increasingly popular in the last few years, they’ve actually been around for ages. However these days, nude lipstick tends to be quite pale. Whereas when you’re looking to be classic and timeless, you should be finding your perfect nude. This post on StyleCaster.com should be able to help you with that. You need to be able to find your own match, which will be similar to your own lip shade, in order to find something classic that will always work for you.

Coffin Nails

Long and sleek nails will always be classic. Although short nails can certainly look charming when shaped well and well-polished, a longer shape will always look glamorous. But, you’re going to want to with work a shape that is timeless too. This is where the coffin shape, as MsMee.com demonstrates, comes in. It’s been around for awhile and isn’t going anywhere and will certainly shake up your beauty regime for the New Year.

Winged Liner

What do you usually do with your eye makeup? If you don’t usually try out any liner, then 2018 should be your year. Maybe you’ve always wanted to give winged liner a whirl, but you’ve always feared it. Well, the video below is going to change all of that for you. Because winged liner doesn’t have to be a challenge, you just need practice. And it’s a classic that you’ll then be able to rock for years.

Bouncy Blow Dry

And then we have something for your hair too. Because don’t we all wish we could have a blow dry done salon style, but at home? If that’s something you’ve always wanted to achieve, this post on Look.co.uk is going to really help you out. It may take you a bit of time to get it right, but after awhile, you will have the perfect bouncy blow dry technique down.

Natural Brows

It’s hard not to notice that brows have been around for awhile now. But if you want to ensure that yours suit you and will always look classic, you need to keep them natural. So for the new year, why not visit a local brow salon and gets yours shaped naturally for you first. That way, you’ll be able to keep them in shape from home too.

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