Tip For Correcting Large Pores

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When it comes to skin one of the most annoying and disheartening thing is when you look in the mirror and see open pores on your face. Depending on what type of skin you have there could be an array of reasons why you have open pores. Once a pore is open it can never be fully closed, there is no permanent solution.  But you can definitely do things to minimize their appearance and make them tighter so there appearance isn’t as big. So what exactly causes open pores? Pores are simply openings on your skin that can be found all over your body. Your pores secrete oil when your skin is dehydrated. Normally a greater number of pores can be found in the oiliest areas of the skin, for most people this is the T-zone. Whether its puberty or just having oily skin your oil glands over produce oil which can in result clog your pores. The pores become filled with oil, so  those small pores are now filled with extra oil and increase in size. It is like making a water balloon and adding water to it, the more water you add the bigger it is. The increase in oil causes the pores to enlarge which increases their appearance. Unfortunately for people who have oily skin their pores will always look bigger than others because they have that much more oil production.

Because there is no permanent cure to correct large pores, there are many different ways to clean them out so that they can appear tighter and smaller.

There are so many different ways that you could go about reducing the size of pores. There are options from natural remedies, over-the-counter treatments and professional treatments. Here are a few options that may work for you:

  1. ICE CUBE RUB: if you place a couple of ice cubes in a washcloth and rub them on your skin from 15-30 seconds the cold can help to tighten up your skin which would help in minimizing the appearance of your pores. This is also the reason why some people say you should wash your face with cold water. Warm water is a vasodilator which means that it opens up pores and other skin glands.
  2. STEAMING YOUR FACE: this is very popular method used to treat enlarged pores. You first boil some water and place it in a bowl. Be sure to make sure that the water is not scalding hot because it can potentially burn your skin. With a towel over your head, lean your face into the bowl so that you face can receive the steam. Stay there for 1-3 minutes. The steam helps to open and unclog the pores. Another alternative is to add some natural oils to the water to get more of an aromatherapeutic effect.
  3. SULFUR MASK: a sulfur mask can help to reduce the size of pores and reduce inflammation.  In my opinion one of the best sulfur masks is Proactiv’s refining mask. It reduces the size of pores, absorbs any excess oil while also treating your acne.
  4. TONER: applying a toner after cleansing can do wonders for pores. A good toner can help to close pores. Just make sure that when you are picking a toner make sure that it’s not a strong toner with irritable astringent qualities.
  5. CITRUS: citrus fruits are a great way to correct large pores on your skin.  Take a washcloth and squeeze some fresh lemon juice on there with some pineapple juice. Rub the cloth on your skin for 1 minute and then rinse your skin with water. The enzymes in the citrus tighten and firm the skin. Lemon is also a great skin brightener while shrinking pores. Aside from applying citrus juices to your skin eating more citrus fruits can help to increase elasticity and rebuild collagen which helps to reduce the size of pores.
  6. PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS: professional treatments are a pricey option but for some they can have the most lasting and effective results. There are private dermatologist and spas that specialize in  corrective skin treatments. There are non-surgical laser treatments that help to rebuild collagen in the skin to restore the skin to it normal appearance. But remember that with these treatments everyone has a different reactions and results. Make sure to have a thorough consultation before deciding to undergo treatment.
  7. EXFOLIATION: exfoliation removes dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin while also helping to close pores. If you have sensitive skin be very mindful of the reaction that it has on your skin because exfoliating can cause redness and skin irritation.

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