Tips and Tricks for Utilizing Your Dorm Space

Although dorm living can have it’s perks (you’re always around your friends, no commute to campus for classes, late night pizza binges with your hall-mates), it can be tough to live and stay organized in such a small space, especially in a small shared space. Here are a few tips to making the most of your tiny dorm room.

Loft your bed

Lofting your bed opens up so much extra floor space. This means you can put a desk, futon, storage shelves, mini fridge, or TV under your bed, rather than having to crowd your room with all these things, plus beds, on ground level.


Over the Door Organization

Buy a shoe rack that can hang over the door so that you don’t have to waste space in your closet storing shoes. You can use this to store things other than shoes, such as hair products, umbrellas, makeup, jewelry, scarves, ect. as well.


Plastic Storage Drawers

Rather than trying to shove everything into your tiny closet, use plastic storage drawers to store clothes, medicines, perfumes, lotions, school supplies, and anything else you can think of.


Use your refrigerator as a shelf

Leave no flat surface empty. Use your refrigerator as a shelf to story silverware, food, or a microwave. You can then use the top of your microwave as a shelf, too. Use the top of storage drawers, dvd players, anything. No use in wasting space!

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Furniture that doubles as storage

Try to buy ottomans that can be opened up to store blankets or movies in. You can also buy futons and couches that have built in storage drawers under them. If you already have a couch that doesn’t have this convenience, buy baskets or bins that fit underneath it.

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