Tips on Dressing For a Formal Occasion

Dressing for a more formal occasion can be a daunting experience. Graduations, weddings and proms all require you to dress a certain way. It can be a painstaking task. But, dressing with style and aplomb should not be an arduous task. On the contrary, dressing up in fancy clothes can be fun and exciting.

Formal dress codes will depend on the occasion that you are attending. There are not many hard and fast rules to formal attitude. But, thinking about the situation and what others will be wearing is somewhat substantial.

1314223968_green-dress-mila-kunis-lgTip 1:  Less is More

Okay, so some of us like to flash the flesh from time to time. But, at a formal shindig, you need to make sure that you are covering up. A formal, chiffon style maxi dress is perfect for this sort of occasion. You don’t have to dress like a nun. But, follow the golden fashion rule. If you show a little chest, cover up your legs. Likewise, more legs equal less chest action. If you want to opt for a cocktail dress, make sure that you invest in a soft, patina style throw for your shoulders. It’s elegant and sophisticated.

Tip 2: Ask About the Color Theme

The colour theme of your formal do is important. If there is a black tie event that you are attending, you can seek out black cocktail or maxi dresses. If you are hitting your graduation ceremony or ball, graduation dresses in your alma mater colors can look fabulous. You want to make sure that you blend in, so do ask about the theme before you commit to a dress.

Tip 3: If In Doubt, Accessorize

Formal doesn’t have to mean boring. On the contrary, there are some stunning accessories that you can use if you don’t want to go for an all-out glamorous dress. A simple chiffon style dress can be made to look super fantastic with a large, statement necklace. A bold clutch can ensure that you look fabulous. Opting for a simple dress with bright accessories is one of the best ways that you can remain on trend. What’s more, you can still look formal enough for any occasion.

Tip 4: You Don’t Have to Wear a Dress

Okay, so formal wear for women is usually geared around the dress market. But, the androgynous look is huge right now. A sharp, two piece suits and a beautiful camisole top can look fantastic. What’s more, you will know that you look formal enough for the event. Angelina Jolie is a big fan of the black suit. She still manages to look feminine and fabulous. If it’s good enough for Angelina, it’s good enough for us.

Tip 5: Always Opt for Comfort

Comfort is imperative when you are going to a formal event. No doubt there will be dancing and lots of standing up. While you may want to wear killer shoes, opt for a simple court. These are timeless classics and your feet won’t be ruined by the end of the night!

Dressing for a formal occasion is easy, once you know how. What will you wear to your next big event?

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