Tips on Eating Healthy and Sticking to it!


Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest thing to do!  I recently did a fitness challenge where I had to modify my eating habits and I have learned so much from it!  I would say before the challenge I thought I was a healthy eater most of the time, but realizing I was just eating “ok”.  Here are a few tips I learned that will help you stick with it!  Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have those “bad for you” foods once in a while! Everything in moderation, remember that!

1. Make sure you make a shopping list and go weekly if needed.  Try to stay on the list.  I often forget certain foods and when I see them, of course, they go into my cart! But I definitely try to stick to the list!

2. Avoid the middle isles!  Processed foods, high sugar cereals, and boxed anything isn’t going to be the best option for you or your family!  I am not saying there aren’t foods that you need or can even use down the middle isles, but be cautious.  Look for what you need and know is there, get it, and keep rolling on!

3. Buy fresh fruits and veggies!  Especially when they are on sale! Buy enough and if you think they are going to go back before you eat them, freezing is always an option! I try to prepare baggies of uncooked veggies for lunches throughout the week.  I also chop up veggies like carrots, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and snap peas for stir fry using olive oil and salt-free seasoning like Mrs. Dash.

4. Keep frozen chicken and fresh frozen fish on hand too! Easy to cook and so many different ways to serve.

5. Keep the carbohydrates to a minimum.  Don’t get me wrong, I love carbs…who doesn’t? But I do try to keep them low throughout the week; just in case I need to splurge on the weekend for a nice dinner out or a holiday party.  And yes, splurging is allowed.  We can’t deprive ourselves, just have to make good choices most of the time!

6. Avoid artificial sweetners! Don’t put something that isn’t “real” into your body!  Use honey or agave nectar to give you that sweet good for you taste!

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Hello! I was born and raised in a small Kansas town but have always loved the city and all that it has to offer! I love to travel, I love fashion, and I love to eat…and write about it! My small town life growing up has definitely shaped who I am today and as I grow older, I am starting to appreciate that more and more. When I am not writing or at my day job, I am most likely baking, running, spending time at the local farmers market, or hitting up a good happy hour! I am currently in Nursing school and will graduate in 2017, I love helping people!! I am obsessed with taking pictures that aren’t conventional and sharing them with the world. My family and friends mean the world to me and I cherish each second I spend with them. I currently have my own blog titled “Dirt Roads ~ High Heels”

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