6 Tips For Correcting Puffy Eyes

Although it isn’t healthy, we all do it. We skip out on sleep. Whether it’s an all-nighter or cutting our hours short, this sleep deficiency not only takes a toll on our health but our overall appearance. One of the quickest ways to tell someone hasn’t been sleeping well is by looking at their eyes. The bloodshot look is a surefire way to know, in addition to that is the pink inflamed or loose puffy skin (also known as dark circles). These are designer bags you don’t want to carry around with you!  Check out these 6 tips for correcting puffy eyes.tumblr_m33wagTQx11qe7dlao1_500Obviously the easiest and most logical option would be to get more sleep. A couple more hours a night could work wonders! However, it is likely that your schedule is too impossible to add in some extra snoozes. Don’t fret, I’ve done my fair amount of research and tried many viable options!A look through your kitchen or a simple stop to the grocery store can significantly reduce dark circles and give you that wide eyed radiant look!

#1) Water! Water is a reliable source for diminishing that tired eye look. Drinking the recommended 8 oz a day keeps you hydrated and prevents your eyes from puffy up. When you’re not drinking it, splash yourself with cold water when you wake up. This may not be the most pleasant awakening, but it’s a quick fix that takes about ten seconds! The cold water tightens your skin and prevents blood vessels from swelling.

#2) Cold spoons. Using a cold spoon on your puffy eyes is a well-known tip. It’s been used for years, and guess what? It still works! I tested this one out myself and immediately saw a difference. Keep the spoon there until it’s warm. This method immediately reduces some of the puffiness.

#3) Tea bags for eye bags. Another solution for diminishing those dark circles under your eyes is tea. Green tea and black tea both are high in caffeine and tannins. All you need to do is take the tea bags and put them in hot water for about 3-5 minutes, then take the tea bags and put them in a plastic container. Place them in the fridge and leave them in there until they are cold. Next, take the tea bags and squeeze out excess liquid until they are damp. Then place the tea bags on your eyes for 15-30 minutes. You can repeat this daily or weekly! The skin around your eyes will be tightened and brightened.

#4) Find a correcting and repair eye cream that you like. I currently use Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream! It works great for me and can easily be found at Walmart and other retail stores.  Apply it regularly to your peepers as instructed.


#5) Concealer. Concealer is a must have! It is the go to product for when you snooze your alarm and need an instant beauty boost. Make sure to get a concealer that fits your skin tone. If you’re searching for a low-cost concealer, I’d recommend Elf Maximum Coverage Concealer. Just a dab under each eye and you’re good to go.

#6 Draw away attention from your under eyes. The worst thing to do when you’re lacking sleep is to wear too thick of eyeliner on your bottom lid. Instead, distract attention from your under eyes by playing up your top lid! A bold line on the top lid will accentuate attention upwards. If you’re feeling up for it, you can even do a dramatic cat eye look to disguise those dreadful under eyes.

Follow these tips and solutions to ensure that the attention will be on the color of your exquisite eyes and not the color of exhaustion that occasionally plagues beneath them.

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