Tips for Eating Healthy On A Budget

by Sarah Ruhlman

Eating healthy can often be expensive, and that’s many people’s excuse for going for the unhealthy food when shopping or eating out. However, just because you assume it’s expensive doesn’t mean it needs to be. There are plenty of ways to help cut down the cost of healthy eating, whilst still getting into your diet what you need to stay fit. Here are some tips to make healthy eating less expensive.

Write A Shopping List To Know What You Need

Making healthy living less expensive starts with being organized because if you’re not organized, you are less likely to get into the routine of buying healthy food and eating it. Going shopping last-minute or shopping when you’re hungry, and you have no list to look on can both lead to purchasing food that’s unhealthy. Why is that? Well, when we’re hungry, we just want to grab whatever we can quickly, and when we haven’t got a list, we’ll get so far before you start to throw other bits of food and snacks that wouldn’t have been on your initial list, to begin with if you wrote one. So whenever you go shopping, whether that’s online or in-store, note down what you need, rather than going online or in-store with a sort-of list in your head. That’s never going to end well, and you’re going to spend more money in the process.

Take Advantage Of Promotions And Offers

For those who love to save money, the thought of spending so much food on fresh produce that might not get eaten in time or will go to waste can be stressful. It has to be said that unlike processed food, fresh food will have quicker use by or best before date. This is where extra planning comes in to make sure you utilize everything, regardless of what you have remaining or what crops up during the week that might mean you skip a meal or eat out instead. However, there’s also plenty of opportunities to save money. There are always promotions and offers on in-store as well as online. With online, you also get the added bonus of vouchers like these ones on It’s always good to be attentive because you don’t know what you might come across. 

Find Services That Give You Ugly Veg And Fruit

Ever heard of ugly fruit and vegetables? Well, they do exist, but a lot of shops and stores won’t sell them because they’re not attractive enough for general consumer purchase. And that’s a shame because this product is still ok to consume, just like the perfectly formed food in-store. However, a lot of stores now are trying new initiatives to sell this unwanted food through subscription services. A few are cropping up across countries, and they collect together the ugly fruit and vegetables and send it over to you directly to your door. With the number of people on earth increasing and living longer, there’s definitely a need to waste less food, so it’s great there’s a more conscious effort to make room for the apples that may have hit a few branches on the way down to the ground.

Buy Some Frozen Produce

Frozen produce does lose some of the nutrients and good stuff that fresh food has, but if you want to waste less, then you can buy frozen food or prepare fresh food and freeze it so that it keeps longer. You can get a lot of frozen fruit that can be chopped beforehand from fresh and then stored in little sachets that you can get out and have in your yogurt ready for breakfast. And buying frozen food is a lot more affordable too, and especially when you have a smaller fridge, or you’re sharing it with others, it gives you the opportunity to utilize some more space when needed.

Bulk Make Your Food So You Don’t Get Tempted

Bulk buying and bulk making food is really good for helping to keep up a routine. Sometimes making food every night for the next day can get a little tiresome. Some people might have the ability to make their food every night, and so bulk cooking for the week ahead might be handy. That way, you’re also cooking fresh food, and then it ends up lasting for longer because you’ve cooked it, and it’s now in the fridge, keeping to the ideal temperature needed. You might also want to freeze some of these pre-made meals when you’ve not got the time in the week to eat them. That way, instead of wasting food, you’ve prepared for it to go into the freezer.

Shop For Meat Alternatives

Buying meat is expensive, and as the demand for it rises, it’s only going to be more pricey. So with that in mind, you might want to shop for meat alternatives, and that contain protein in them so that you are still getting what you need in your diet. There’s plenty of plant and herb-based fake meats that taste like the real thing but are obviously healthier for you.

Grow Your Own Food

A lot of households are trying to be more sustainable in their lifestyle, and so we’re all looking at ways that we can be more self-sufficient and sustainable in the food we eat. So with that in mind, it might be worth trying to grow your own food like herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Many think it’s too much work or attention that’s needed, but there’s likely to be a lot you can grow, and that doesn’t need too much work or time needed from yourself. Find some fuss-free foods to grow and give it a try. It’s worth a go, even if you only manage to harvest a few things from it. It all makes a difference.

There are ways to make healthy eating less expensive, and so it’s worth that small effort to do the things above so that you can live a long and healthy life. Not to mention for your household too!

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Monica February 12, 2020 - 5:03 am

Great post-Sarah. Your tips are nice and helpful too. I always try to buy cost-efficient products. Last month I bought some coffee pods from a site, which was tasty as well as pocket-friendly. You can try out those also.


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